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Enhanced Data For Energy Producers, OEMs and Industry Software Platforms

AirFusion is developing a suite of enhanced features focused on wind turbine blade condition data integration into leading commercial wind sector IoT software platforms and other commercial software environments that provide and manage data for SCADA-based fleet operations and monitoring.

We’re hearing from operators and O/M organizations about their need for inspection data to flow into other systems that help drive maintenance planning, and cost avoidance analysis for instance. These early discussions have guided our engineering team in developing a variety of innovative tools to allow blade condition data to be used across the enterprise to increase operational profitability.

We’ve created an Early Access Program (EAP) that will begin in late Spring. We’ll team with leading companies in the industry who will get an early look at the platform, and help our development and AI experts refine feature requirements and also have an opportunity to field test the beta platform.

For more information on participating in the AirFusion EAP, please click on the button below.