AirFusion | Wind
For Inspection O&M and Energy Producers 


We designed AirFusion Wind to automate damage discovery and streamline inspection workflows and reporting for the commercial wind turbine inspection market.

Our cloud-hosted AI-based software platform, available globally, provides technically advanced tools to give our customers superior, highly accurate results from inspection data, while substantially reducing the cost and time spent per report, when compared to current, human-based discovery and analysis techniques.

Upload hi-res sensor data from UAVs (drones), or ground based imagery to AirFusion Wind hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud. We process that data using our proprietary, optimized AI-based machine learning system and provide near real-time inspection analysis.

More Accurate:

  • Using AI-based machine learning, accuracy is increased while analyst time is reduced by upwards of 95%.

  • Patent-pending sensor fusion technology and AI platform leverages hundreds of thousands of AI training images, specialized heuristics and deep learning techniques from wind experts around the world.

  • AirFusion automatically removes images that don’t contain defects, freeing analysts to focus on classification and mitigation.

More Efficient:

  • Analyzes images from drones and ground based cameras in seconds, not hours

  • Energy Producers standardizing on AirFusion receive consistent inspection data across the Enterprise

  • Workflow and reporting helps teams save time managing sites, and projects, while making it easier and faster to collect high quality data on site.

  • O&M or inspection providers can provide clients a log in to the AirFusion portal (branded with your logo) for 24/7 access to all original image data and results captured during inspection .

Enterprise Scale:

  • AirFusion accepts sensor data from any commercial-grade drone or ground-based sensor, allowing Energy Producers to work with identically formatted, consistently evaluated inspection data and reports from any inspection provider around the world.

  • Unlimited reports and seamless integration of all inspection data with Enterprise ERP and specific Wind industry dashboards.

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