Does your organization have good enough data to have seen that coming?

The health of your business is dependent on the health of your infrastructure. Current, dated inspection techniques leave too many critical questions unanswered. With billions of dollars of infrastructure on the line, why take unnecessary risks?

AirFusion's AI-powered platform automatically detects damage and system risks in minutes, significantly reducing downtime and revenue loss from degenerative asset performance and lowering your risk of catastrophic failure.

Why Now?

Infrastructure inspection is undergoing a massive transformation. Market conditions, regulatory and insurance directives and aging infrastructure have created the need for automated, economical and more frequent inspections. Highly capable drones are collecting better quality data at a lower cost, replacing previous, time consuming inspection techniques and they're collecting more data than ever before.

Enterprise ERP and other asset management platforms rely on field sensor data inside a wind turbine, for instance, to help optimize performance across entire networks. What they're missing is sensor data collected by inspection of the outside of the wind turbine.This is what AirFusion products do.Our platform uses patent-pending sensor fusion technology to translate images into actionable data in seconds instead of days or weeks. We integrate data that shows you immediately what assets are at risk so that you can take action. Today.